Our Mission

Oakwood Security Solutions will provide the highest standard of security guarding with a responsible workforce and a management team of the utmost honesty and integrity.

We have core values that underpin everything we do:

Customer focus
We are customer focused and are committed to delivering excellence.  We achieve this through training, leadership and a thorough understanding of our customers needs and the development of a true business partnership with them.

Our employees are our most important assets; we stand or fall on their performance.  We encourage our personnel to develop personal pride in their role and deliberately keep our operational portfolios to manageable proportions in the interests of maintaining close contact between our management, guards and clients.

Security needs never stand still. We foster a climate of receptiveness amongst our staff, encouraging initiative and developing their trust through involvement. We continually evaluate modern technologies and systems to maintain best practice.  We adhere to the latest procedures regarding the environment, safety, training and compliance throughout the company.  We believe that this approach gives us the edge over our competitors.

We aim to offer our Clients superior value through efficient use of all our resources whether they be manned services or our electronic services. Our staff are given the equipment, training and information they need, the scope and authority to make sound decisions and a clear understanding of their responsibilities. Our chain of command is short and responsive, this is deliberately designed to ensure we are able to provide a concise response and protect our customers interests at all times.

We aim to address discrimination and inequality by understanding and utilising the diversity of the locations, environments and communities we operate within and that of our own workforce.  Proactively engaging with and embracing the diversity of the communities we protect contributes to the efficacy of the security services we are able and expected to provide.

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