Security for Sporting Stadiums

Oakwood have a lot of experience in managing security for sporting facilities, stadiums and events, so have established a reputation for providing security for events which require a heavy security presence in order to run smoothly.

At a basic level, Oakwood will provide stewards to your sporting stadium event, from basic on the ground attendants to more senior and managerial stewarding roles. All staff are fully briefed before the event, ensuring good knowledge of the stadium is known and all safety procedures can be adhered to.

Oakwood can also supply security and full organisation of sporting facilities car parking. Our attendants are fully trained in controlling of traffic and will make sure the system flows smoothly within the required time frame. Without structure to the car parking zones of a sporting facility, a traffic flow issue can occur which could result in dissatisfaction from visitors.

Crowd control will be managed according to the facilities requirements within the stadium and if necessary, an external fan zone. If you choose to employ Oakwood Security, you can be assured the event will run without a security hitch.

To hear more about Oakwood’s sporting stadium security services, please contact us on 01543 471 065 or email

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